About us

About us

Hi, we are Olivier Richters en Desiree Stuijt.

Olivier Richters, also known as The Dutch Giant (IMDB, Instagram and Youtube), is 2,18m tall and has had some trouble finding jeans in his size. Let alone which ones suit his style.
So, Olivier's partner, Desiree Stuijt, has been on a never-ending quest for jeans he could try on and they fit Olivier's aesthetics. Most of the jeans we found that fit him in seemed made for men stuck in the '90s.

We took matters into our own hands.

We discovered that as OlivierAs his popularity grew, he got a lot of questions where he found his jeans. Olivier however, only had two pairs of jeans that he really liked in his wardrobe, as the other pairs of jeans seemed outdated compared to current styles. And these were always sold out because these jeans were limited in long sizes. Instead of saying they're sold out, we wanted to give these tall people access to modern jeans.

Own line of clothing The Dutch Giant en Desiree

So we decided to market it ourselves. We have designed our own line of jeans that are only available in tall sizes and offer different styles. We believe that anyone who is between 1,90m/6'2” and 2,20m/7'2” would like to update their wardrobe.